Aria Montgomery (ex_redlippe) wrote in skinsusa,
Aria Montgomery

a warm welcome to you all!

welcome to...

The first and only fan community for the American version of "Skins".

If you have hope too, please go ahead and APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP.
Membership here is currently moderated to keep out people who (bad pun ahead) don't have hope for Skins USA,
want to cause drama/wank, etc.


- you have a history of drama-causing, etc.
- your journal has been active for less than 3 months, you have 0 comments, etc.
They're pretty simple. Follow them. Know them. Live by them. (jk about the last one hahah)

1. This is LiveJournal, so I understand not everything is going to be 100% positive. However, NO HATE ABOUT REAL PEOPLE IS ALLOWED. Mkay? Also, you're definitely allowed to voice your opinions (negative or otherwise) about characters, ships, plot, etc. but please try do to so in a smart, eloquent way. Just saying "I HATE THIS CHARACTER. SHE SUX BUTT"? Not cool.

2. To fans of the Original Skins (herein referred to as OS), welcome aboard! I've watched and loved OS, just as you guys have, but I also have an open mind towards the new show. If you DON'T have an open mind, GTFO and go back to skinsfans. TY.

3. DON'T BE BLATANTLY CRUEL TO OTHER MEMBERS. Feel free to call them out on their BS once in a while, and use sarcasm often, but try and remember there's a face behind the comment and that face will be sad if you call them names/tell them to f- off for no apparent reason.

4. Post spoilers (including pictures/descriptions/video clips) behind a CUT. LJ newbies - check this out if you're unsure of how to add a cut. Or, PM a mod :)

5. Information on OS, unless it is directly relevant to Skins USA, does not belong here. Sorry.

* If you think you have been wrongly not been allowed membership, comment here or PM a mod (with the subject line "SKINSUSA MEMBERSHIP" or some variant) and we'll get back to you with a reason asap.
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